What Are Your Favorite New Era Muscle Cars?

Are you a fan of classic muscle cars? How about the best and brightest super cars being produced new today?

Weigh in on your favorites now. Originally, it was all about straight line speed. The earliest muscle cars didn't waste time, money or effort on cornering capability, heavy duty chassis', or overly lush interiors. The new era of muscle cars seem to be focusing just a bit more on providing everything, plus those classic good looks that we've all become accustomed to enjoying, with the Mopar apparel to match.

So which of the latest super car offerings are your favorites? Do you tend to lean towards those models which have a modernized but clearly related look to the past relatives? If so, you might decide that the Ford Mustang offering of the past few years is just your style. For a number of years, the direction Ford decided to take in the Mustang's styling, power plant and interior features left many wanting for more. Or rather left them buying other cars that had the guts and glory they were missing from their Mustangs of old.

The Chevy Camaro on the other hand has held onto its good looks and power ratings for most of its line's lifetime. The earliest models were designed to have an aggressive if not laid back feel about it. It's large hood and sleek lines evolved into the more slick and sloped features the model exhibited for most of its releases through the 1990's and early 2000's.
But ever since the release of the Transformer movies, when Chevrolet decided to be a major sponsor of the film, the Camaro was totally redesigned to reveal a glorious revival of its hay day. This new era muscle car is as popular as it’s ever been and with the modern engineering and super charged power plants available, you would not be discounted if you chose to identify with this modern super car.

While somewhat on the expensive side Ford's release of its super car GT a few years ago still generates envy amongst most that have the luxury of laying eyes upon it. Not only does it evoke feelings of witnessing a formula one race car on surface streets, it has a soft luxurious inside that makes any who occupy it understand what it might be like to pass on and go to automotive heaven. The Dodge Charger is another of the classic muscle cars which has successfully transformed itself into a new era champion.

Much like the Mustang, the Charger has survived a number of years when owning one was tantamount to whispers and finger pointing. But not in a good way! Today's Charger, on the other hand will have those fingers pointing at you again, only backed by feelings of longing and desire to be there, in the passenger seat, enjoying the ride. With its distinctive front grill, wheel wells and optional fat tires, you know you're driving a modern muscle car when you peel out in your Charger.

Finally, no modern era muscle car article would be complete without talking about the Chevy Corvette. Few other vehicles have undergone the radical face lifts and body style changes the Vette has and still remained as wildly popular. From the early days when the 2 seater, fiberglass convertible was released, into the elongated, widened Stingray and then back into the sleek, air cutting tear dropped, low profile modern versions, the Corvette may just be one of the most recognizable muscle cars of all times. Today's Corvettes do include all of the best of modern engineering breakthroughs.

Amazing power plants will accelerate you faster than nearly any other production vehicle.  But don't discount the luxury aspect the Vette brings to the table. Once you fit yourself inside its cockpit, you are set to blast off from the starting line with speed, grace and heart pounding excitement.

17th Mar 2011

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