Supped Up, Tricked Out Muscle Cars

Muscle cars make for an addicting hobby. At some point, many of us find that just getting and driving the car isn't enough. There is always a faster car out there, always another that looks more custom or better restored than your own. If you have had the muscle car bug for a while, chances are you have at least started to sit up and take notice of all the suped up, tricked out muscle cars on the road.  Here are a few of the ways muscle car lovers customize their "babies."

  • Big wheels - And no, I don't mean like the little plastic tricycles you rode as a kid!  Taller wheels are one of the best ways to add flash to your car.  Combined with ultra high performance tires with low sidewalls, wheels alone can totally change the look of your car, from average to too hot to handle!  In addition, the wider wheels and tires also dramatically improve the way your vehicle corners.
  • Lowering kits - Go to any car show and you'll see tons of slammed hot rods.  Some of them wouldn't make it over a speed bump, or even probably a crack in the pavement, without high centering.  You don't have to go that low, but dropping your vehicle a little closer to the road does make it look more dramatic -- and take the turns more dramatically, too.
  • Ground effects - If you are going to slam a car and give it some flashy custom wheels, you might as well finish off the look with some aggressive ground effects.  Primarily a cosmetic upgrade, ground effects extend the car's lines downward and make it look lower than it actually is.  In the case of air dams and spoilers, they can actually make a car slightly more aerodynamic, too.
  • Exhaust - Not only does redoing the exhaust make your muscle car sound tougher, it can offer slight improvements in power and gas mileage, too.  Stocking exhaust systems are usually too constrictive, so opening it up a bit lets the engine breathe more freely… and growl more loudly!
  • Turbochargers and superchargers - Of course, if you are really serious about your muscle cars, a supercharged car becomes the ultimate dream.  Turbochargers run off the engine's own exhaust, while superchargers are belt-driven, which makes the latter the usual choice.  Besides, is there anything more exciting than the look of a classic muscle car with a blower sticking out of the hood?
  • All in the details - Some would say that how good your car looks is all in the details.  Window tint, decals, exterior lights, dash lights, gauges, custom seats and upholstery -- all of these things contribute to how well your muscle car wows spectators.

Of course, there are all kinds of other ways to customize your car's appearance or performance.  From interior accessories to intake upgrades, from decals to Dodge apparel for yourself, there are many ways to give your muscle car that tender loving care that keeps her purring contentedly!

9th Dec 2010

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