Road Trip Ideas: Famous Drives to Take Your Muscle Car On

Whether your muscle car is a daily driver or your "fun" car that you just like to cruise around in on nice days, going for a long drive or a road trip in a muscle car can be a lot of fun.  Retracing famous routes or stretches of highway can make for a great trip and memorable pictures.  Pack your bags, and if you own a convertible, put the top down and enjoy the view—here are some great classic drives to take your muscle car on:

  • Route 66 - Of course, the most famous drive is Route 66, the original path from the Midwest to the West Coast.  Rather than one long highway, like the interstate highways we know today, Route 66 was made up of various local roads, cobbled together to create one long path stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles.  Established in 1926, for decades Route 66 was the primary path people took to get to the west.  The creation of the international freeway system led to the demise of the famous route, and it was formally removed from the highway system in 1985.  For many people, however, Route 66 represents a bygone era, and retracing its path in your muscle car can make for a memorable vacation.
  • Pacific Coast Highway - The Pacific Coast Highway is a scenic stretch of road that follows the coastline throughout most of California.  This beautiful drive is famous for its gorgeous shorelines, so jump into the convertible, slip on Mopar apparel and let your hair fly—between the scenery and the balmy California weather, you are in for a real treat!
  • The Million Dollar Highway - The Million Dollar Highway is a stretch of U.S. Route 550 in Colorado, between Silverton and Ouray.  Although this entire 25-mile distance is often referred to as the Million Dollar Highway, in fact the term refers to a shorter, 12-mile stretch just before reaching Ouray.  This section is filled with nerve-wracking hairpin turns, and hair-raising drop-offs where cars traveling on the road are unprotected by guardrails.  The beautiful scenery makes the drive well worth it, though!  Legend has it that the stretch of road got its name because it cost so much to turn the original, narrow toll road into a modern highway back in the early 1920s.
  • Santa Fe Trail - The Santa Fe Trail was used in the 19th century for trade between the United States and Mexico.  The trail began in Missouri and ended in New Mexico.  Today a highway follows the original trail through Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico, so that travelers can make the same journey in their cars.  Take your muscle car on this scenic drive through the American Southwest and reflect on the fortitude it would have taken to make the same trek in covered wagons with limited water!

The United States is full of famous drives known for their history and scenery.  Each of these highways listed above represent some part of America's past, a symbol of our roots.  Can you think of any vacation more romantic and exciting than driving one of America's iconic cars on one of these trips through our country's past?

20th Jan 2011

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