Products that Look Like Muscle Cars

couche1-150x150.jpgThe muscle car era has spawned many interesting innovations, trends and fads.  One of those includes modeling products after these beloved cars.

Furniture One of the more unusual has been in the area of furniture.  Creative minds have come up with a variety of adaptations for couches that use many of the design elements of the most popular examples from the muscle car movement.  Probably the most famous and enduring muscle car was the 1957 Chevy.

With its distinctive fins and contrasting inserts the rear of the '57 Chevy makes a bold styling statement that will catch the eye of the muscle car enthusiast and non-enthusiast alike. Couches are fashioned from the rear portion of the car by removing the rear deck lid and inserting an upholstered cushion and back rest to make for a sure to be conversation piece in your living room or recreational room.

The body of the couch can be painted in any color to coordinate or contrast with the color of the interior upholstery, just like a real car.  Set off with chrome accents and in some cases working tail lights these couches are real attention- getters, and functional as well.  Smaller versions are also available in side chair versions.  The unique couches are not limited to '57 Chevy's.  If you are a fan of Ford Cobras, Mercury's, or Chevrolet Corvettes there are options for those as well.

mustang-pooltable-150x150.jpgPool Table One of the more unique products that have hit the market is both stylish and functionally fun.  Imagine a full sized ford Mustang that has had its top and windshield shaved off, and an eight foot regulation sized pool table has been inserted into the interior cavity.  Complete with all the bodywork and sitting on real tires and rims, it is quite a sight to behold.

Household Items Wide tires well formed headers, even high rise intake manifolds can be used as design elements in lamps, tables, and innumerable other objects.  What are consistent throughout the relationship between these products and the automobiles are the unique and immediate styling cues that conjure up memories of times past.  The styling statement creates an instant familiarity and is based on functionality and on an almost artistic sensibility.  That is why automotive design has such a great influence on products and the people who buy them.

Whether it is a coffee cup emblazoned with a Ford Mustang logo, a Dodge apparel t-shirt or a child's bed faithfully recreated to look like a Dodge Roadrunner, the styling has been thoughtfully designed to create an emotional reaction. Muscle cars are popular in developing ancillary products because of their strong design cues which often come from trends that cross over from, and to, other industries.  Whether it is the exterior styling, unique colors, or even fabrics, the individuality of the people and the cars they treasure make for a fun, creative, and personally satisfying experience.

7th Feb 2011

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