Mustang Marriages

Theme weddings have become very popular in recent years.  Historical themes, such as Victorian weddings and 1920s weddings, are among some of the more common choices.  If you want to be really different, though, why not plan your wedding based on one of your (other) biggest passions -- one of the most popular muscle cars ever made! Here are a few ideas for planning a Mustang marriage:

  • Find the perfect venue. When you are planning a theme wedding, an unusual venue often fits the bill better than the traditional kinds of venues where weddings take place.  You may even be able to save money by choosing a venue that is a little different -- wedding venues tend to be more expensive, because the wedding industry is so huge.  For instance, this couple got married at a Ford dealership, surrounded by Mustangs!  A car show might be another option.
  • Color coordinate. In the above example, the bride's colors were Ford colors, silver and blue.  They got married on the showroom floor, where there was a blue and silver Mustang to complement their colors.  You can replicate this kind of color coordination by making your wedding's colors the same as your Mustang's, if you own one, or by renting a Mustang for the ceremony in your colors.
  • Find Mustang apparel fit for a bride. You'll be surprised at what you can find!  Garter belts, lingerie, and sexy pajamas with the Mustang name and logo on them will complete the theme -- if only for you and your husband.  For him, how about a pocket handkerchief with the Mustang name and logo on one corner, and your names and the date of your wedding on the other?  You may also be able to have these kinds of items custom embroidered.
  • Car cakes aren't just for kids! Kids can get car-themed birthday cakes -- why not adults too?  A bakery should be able to make you a wedding cake with a Mustang theme.  If a car-shaped cake like Vickie Sue's isn't the way you want to go, take a hint from the kids and get a regular wedding cake with a plastic Mustang on it instead of flowers, or have the top of the cake decorated with the well-known image of the chrome pony.  Why not?
  • Select appropriate favors. Choosing favors is one of the best parts of a theme wedding.  There are so many choices for a Mustang-themed wedding -- Mustang T-shirts, or small Mustang models for everyone, perhaps personalized with your names and the date of your wedding.  Mustang beer glasses, shot glasses, or champagne glasses that the guests can keep are other great ideas for favors that go along with your wedding's theme.
  • Gotta have the car! What is a Mustang themed wedding without a Mustang?  Make sure you have your dream car for your wedding, whether is is a restored classic Shelby or a beautiful late-model Mustang.  If you don't have a 'Stang’ of your own, rent one -- you should be able to find a specialty car rental agency that will have a beautiful Mustang in which you and your groom can leave your party in style.

Planning a theme wedding can be lots of fun, especially when the theme is one very near and dear to your heart.  Tying the knot in Mustang style will make your wedding a night to remember -- for you as well as for your guests!

2nd Dec 2010

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