How to Buy Muscle Car Apparel that Fits

Shopping for Mopar apparel online or at busy shows can be challenging, especially for women. Sizes tend to vary between manufacturers.

For example, Bella -- a brand we carry -- tends to run a size small, so if you are usually a medium you will need to order a large, and so on. When you don't have the retailer available to tell you how the sizes run, though, how are you supposed to select the right size?

Here are a few tips for buying Mopar T shirts and other muscle car apparel, whether you are at a show or online.

At shows: Shows are often very busy, and you may not have time to even look at the shirt for very long, let alone try it on! When purchasing T-shirts at a show, therefore, it is important to first ask the salesman a few questions, such as whether they know how true the sizes are, and what the shirts are made of.
If the shirts are made of pre-shrunk cotton, which most are, you shouldn't have to worry about the shirt shrinking as long as you follow the care instructions to the letter. Sometimes the salesman may have a size chart handy, but chances are that even if they did, it has gotten lost in the shuffle during the show.  Therefore, you'll need to be able to eyeball your size, and quickly. 

Ask to see the shirt in your size, as well as one size up or down, depending on whether the manufacturer's sizes tend to run small or large.  Also, if you are often between sizes, asking to see both possible sizes may help you to identify which will fit you better.

Online: When ordering online, your best bet is to reference the size chart.  I know it's tempting to say, 'But I'm always a medium,' but remember, these sizes may run differently from what you get in the store.
The size chart will provide a range of measurements that the shirt will fit; if you are between sizes, you should always order the larger size. Also, just as with shows, find out what the shirts are made of. This information is usually found in the product description.

Most muscle car apparel you find online will be made of pre-shrunk cotton, so you won't have to worry about your T-shirt shrinking in the wash. Just be sure to wash it according to the care instructions on the tag! If the retailer doesn't have the size chart on their website, look for the manufacturer and check their website.  Most likely they will have the size chart even if the individual retailer does not.  You can also tell a lot about how clothing will fit you by referencing how it looks on the model.  If you aren't built like the model, consider how the same style will look on you.

Buying gifts: If you are buying gifts for a friend or family member, you obviously can't ask them for their measurements or try to measure them while they're sleeping. Instead, try to get access to their closet before ordering, so that you can check the size tags in similarly styled clothing. Or, if you are not worried about keeping it a surprise, ask their size (you can always refrain from telling them what it's for).
Use your best judgment when ordering, and if you are in doubt, err on the side of something being too big rather than too small. Finally, don't discount the possibility of giving a gift card.

Although you may not think it's personal enough, there is no shame in not wanting to order the wrong size. You have taken the time to think out the right gift, so now just get a gift card and let the recipient choose the rest. Ordering clothing online is definitely challenging, but it doesn't have to be impossible.

Always be sure to find out what the clothing is made of, and always either ask how the sizes run or (if ordering online) check the size chart.  If you take these precautions you should be able to figure out the right size to get, 9 times out of 10.

6th Dec 2016

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