Drive-Ins, Motor Inns, and Other Places to Take Your Muscle Car

America's history is indelibly intertwined with cars.  Even before the muscle car craze of the 1960s, America was in love with cars: the roar of the engine, the freedom they represented.  How we travel, where we eat, what we do for entertainment—all of these things have been affected by our love affair with the automobile. Muscle cars in particular come from a period in history that revolved around cars.  That's why, if you are taking your muscle car out for a spin, it makes sense to take it one of these places:

  • Drive-in movie theaters - For the sake of the younger generation who may never have seen one of these before, drive-in movie theaters are basically parking lots with a movie screen, where you park to watch a movie.  The movie's sound usually plays through small speakers throughout the parking lot, which the cars park next to, but is also broadcast over the radio so that you can listen on your car's own sound system by tuning into the correct station.  Drive-ins are a cherished part of mid-century American culture, and a great place to take your muscle car for some good old-fashioned entertainment.
  • Motor inns or motor lodges - The modern idea of the roadside motel evolved from America's love affair with the automobile.  As modern cars made it possible for Americans to go on road trips, there became a need for places to stay along the way, places where you had direct access to your car.  Motor inns, motor lodges and motels, where your room opened directly out onto the parking lot, came about as a result.  If you are taking your muscle car on a road trip, consider staying at an old-fashioned motor inn to remember what traveling used to be like!
  • Drive-in restaurants - One of the most lasting ways that cars have impacted our culture can be seen on a regular basis.  In fact, millions of Americans use it every day.  What is it?  The fast food restaurant drive thru, of course!  Drive-in restaurants were first conceived of before World War II, but they were the most popular in the 1950s.  They still exist, too—one of the most famous drive-in restaurant chains is a fast food joint called Sonic.  Take your muscle car to an old-fashioned drive-in restaurant when you get a hankering for a burger, fries and the old times!

America has an automobile culture that goes a lot farther than just wearing Mopar T shirts.  Our very way of life, what we do for fun and how we get our food, revolves around our cars.  This isn't something to be ashamed of, but rather a cultural history that we ought to be proud of.  So next time you decide to take the muscle car out for a spin, in memory of the good old days, take it somewhere such as a drive-in movie theater and a drive-in restaurant, or take a road trip for your next vacation and spend the night in a motor inn.

13th Jan 2011

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