Muscle Cars Named After Places and Cities

10th Feb 2011

One this is for certain: the muscle car has had many influences. Of course, muscle cars have influenced products we buy, songs we listen to and the Mopar T shirts we wear. One that has always be … read more

Products that Look Like Muscle Cars

7th Feb 2011

The muscle car era has spawned many interesting innovations, trends and fads.  One of those includes modeling products after these beloved cars. Furniture One of the more unusual has bee … read more

Memorable Muscle Car Engines

3rd Feb 2011

It's really amazing how identifiable so many engines from the muscle car era have remained throughout the years.  Whether it is through your own experience with cars, you wear the Mustang appa … read more

Interesting Muscle Car Facts

17th Jan 2011

Muscle cars are described by many as the “perfect” automobile and are often named as favorite vehicles.  They are valuable, they are collector’s items and they are good looking.  People w … read more