8 Best Muscle Car Names for Kids and Pets

Your child may not thank you for it, but thankfully your pets can't protest the names you give them! There are lots of great muscle car-inspired names -- some are good enough for your kids, others are better suited for pet names.  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Porsche - Okay, so it's not a classic muscle car, but it sure makes a great girl's name!  Shakespeare had a Portia (pronounced the same way as the car's name, PORSH-uh) in one of his plays, too, so this is by no means a new age name.  Your daughter will love being named Porsche when she is old enough to get lots of attention from the boys because of it!  This also makes a great name for your pets.
  2. Shelby - Name your daughter after one of the hottest Mustangs of all time!  This is a great name because you get to name your daughter after a car, but it still sounds like a regular girl's name.  If you raise your daughter to like cars, too, she is sure to play up the value of her name by talking about muscle cars with the boys and wearing Mustang apparel to hint at the origins of her name.
  3. Holley - This name sounds nice and normal, but the spelling gives away the game: This little girl is named after one of the top manufacturers of performance carburetors!  Do you think she will mind when she finds out?
  4. Mercedes - This is also not a name of an American muscle car, but it is a classic girl's name that also happens to be the name of a car manufacturer.  Your daughter can carry this name proudly without everyone knowing she was named after a car!  Mercedes also makes a great name for a pet, of course.
  5. Ford - Ford is becoming acceptable as a boy's first name.  Express your love for Mustangs and other Ford muscle cars by naming your son or pet after the king of American cars!
  6. Malibu - This muscle car-inspired name is probably best left to your pets, or people will think you named your daughter after Malibu Barbie!  However, this name can be a great way to express your love for muscle cars in your cat or dog.
  7. Cuda - Here is another great name for a pet!  Cuda stands for Barracuda, Plymouth's beloved muscle car.  This might be better as a name for a female pet, but could probably go either way.
  8. Mopar - Is it not in you to be subtle?  Naming one of your pets Mopar makes it really obvious where your interests lie -- but I don't recommend it as a child's name!  If you want to really have fun with it, name your dog Mopar and then dress him up in Mopar t shirts and see how many people get it!

Judging from the muscle car-inspired names available for both sexes, a little more freedom and creativity is allowed with girls' names than with boys' names.  Of course, no one will look at you funny if you name your pets weird names such as Cuda or Mopar, so save the really creative ones for your four-legged fur kids!

16th Dec 2010

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