5 Super Cool Muscle Car Gadgets You Just Have To Have

For nearly 50 years, muscle cars have been thrilling drivers. If you're a big fan, don't pass up on these cool muscle car gadgets. Ask a handful of hard core, muscle car fans what their favorite car ever is and you're likely to get more than a handful of answers. In fact, you may not even have to verbally ask them at all. Why? Just look about them and discover the cool muscle car gadgets they are sporting and you're sure to have your answers right there. And just what are some of these cool gadgets? Following are five of the coolest, must have, must flaunt in super car, muscle car fashion!

5 Must Have Cool Muscle Car Gadgets

  • Muscle Car Watches: Big bold watches are making a comeback. Just like the muscle cars they emulate, if you're a big fan of dressing up and going out on the town, why not advertise the fact you arrived at the party in your very own muscle car? There are some amazing watches available now days, and with increasing quality and workmanship, you might be challenged to find a better gadget at twice the price.
  • Key Chains: Okay, perhaps you're not the flashy type person who sports over sized, super cool watches with muscle car logos. But you still LOVE your car. What to do? How about considering the more subtle approach of a high quality, fun, and attractive muscle car key chain? There are some very interesting and cool designs available including heavy duty, miniature pistons or connection rods with your favorite muscle car logo front and center. Or perhaps you just like the idea of having the same hood ornament in smaller version dangling from your existing key chain. Whatever your preferences are, you're sure to make conversation when others ask about what you're driving.
  • Baseball Style Caps: Hey, we all have bad hair days now and again. But when you drive a muscle car it's okay to wear your car's logo on a cap every day, bad hair or good! Of course, you don't want to don any cheap looking and feeling hat, so make sure you get one with the best quality and workmanship. You want a hat that has some weight to it along with long lasting stitching and embroidery. The last thing you need is to be laughed out of the car club because you vehicles logo is faded and falling off your ball cap. Right?
  • Muscle T-Shirts: You're not always going to dress up for every occasion, but at the same time, the prospect of wearing a plain t-shirt might leave you wanting for better fashion advice. Well, wait no more. What you really want to be sporting is a fancy designed Mopar t shirts that shouts out to your casual crowd that you not only talk the talk, but you wear the wear as well! Just make sure whatever clothing you invest in has as much life and wear as the muscle car that you drove to the party.
  • Photos and Prints: Depending on just how fanatic you might be about muscle cars, having high quality prints stunningly framed might be the perfect types of cool muscle car gadgets you are looking for. Even if you're simply creating a gallery in your garage or workspace, what is more impressive to show off to your friends than a number of beautiful photos demonstrating your dedication and appreciation of your favorite automobiles?

Whether you're considering making a purchase for yourself or you have a major muscle car fan in your life, finding the perfect gadgets can produce a perfect little smile and show your appreciation.

10th Mar 2011

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