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Drive-Ins, Motor Inns, and Other Places to Take Your Muscle Car

America's history is indelibly intertwined with cars.  Even before the muscle car craze of the 1960s, America was in love with cars: the roar of the engine, the freedom they represented.  How we travel, where we eat, what we do for entertainment—all of these things have been affected by our love affair with the automobile. [...]

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Favorite Video Games with Muscle Cars

The muscle car era was a hugely influential part of American history.You can see its influence in many different aspects of our culture, from our music and movies, favorite comic book characters, clothing such as Mustang apparel, even our video games!  There are many different video games that feature muscle cars, ranging from racing games [...]

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Favorite Songs about Muscle Cars

Muscle cars have inspired virtually every part of our society, from Dodge apparel to muscle car-themed music!  There have been many songs about muscle cars over the years, and some of these songs have become favorites because of the memories they bring back.  Here are a few of the best-loved songs about muscle cars:"409" by [...]

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Midlife Crisis? 5 Signs You Need a Muscle Car

It's one of the classic stereotypes of middle age: the balding guy with the dorky baseball cap, driving around in a classic Ford Mustang with the top down.The car could be a Chevy Camaro, a Corvette, a Plymouth Fury, or even a brand new Mustang. Whatever the car is, you get the picture: a middle-aged [...]

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8 Best Muscle Car Names for Kids and Pets

Your child may not thank you for it, but thankfully your pets can't protest the names you give them! There are lots of great muscle car-inspired names -- some are good enough for your kids, others are better suited for pet names.  Here are a few ideas: Porsche - Okay, so it's not a classic muscle [...]

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Supped Up, Tricked Out Muscle Cars

Muscle cars make for an addicting hobby. At some point, many of us find that just getting and driving the car isn't enough. There is always a faster car out there, always another that looks more custom or better restored than your own. If you have had the muscle car bug for a while, chances [...]

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New Plymouth Cuda Hat - Get yours today!

Just in time for Christmas - we got the new Plymouth Barracuda Hat in. The Cuda hat is available in 3 colors (black, blue and bone) and ready to ship. Detailed embroidery makes this Cuda hat stand out.

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Mustang Marriages

Theme weddings have become very popular in recent years.  Historical themes, such as Victorian weddings and 1920s weddings, are among some of the more common choices.  If you want to be really different, though, why not plan your wedding based on one of your (other) biggest passions -- one of the most popular muscle cars [...]

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Boys' Toys: Hot Wheels and Muscle Cars

Did you play with Hot Wheels as a kid?  If you did, you probably remember that a lot of these popular toy cars were muscle cars. Even as Ford, Chevy, and Dodge were making "toys" for grown adults, Mattel was making them into popular toys for children, as well. In 1968, when Hot Wheels first emerged [...]

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Appraising Vintage Muscle Cars

In order to insure your classic muscle car for the right amount, you will need to get an appraisal that accurately reflects what cars in similar condition are selling for.Classic or collectible cars are a bit different than other vehicles, since their value tends to go up rather than down over time, particularly if they [...]

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