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What Are Your Favorite New Era Muscle Cars?

Are you a fan of classic muscle cars? How about the best and brightest super cars being produced new today?Weigh in on your favorites now. Originally, it was all about straight line speed. The earliest muscle cars didn't waste time, money or effort on cornering capability, heavy duty chassis', or overly lush interiors. The new [...]

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5 Super Cool Muscle Car Gadgets You Just Have To Have

For nearly 50 years, muscle cars have been thrilling drivers. If you're a big fan, don't pass up on these cool muscle car gadgets. Ask a handful of hard core, muscle car fans what their favorite car ever is and you're likely to get more than a handful of answers. In fact, you may not [...]

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5 Tips for Modifying Your Muscle Car

Thinking about making changes to your muscle car?Consider 1 or more of these 5 tips before you jump into any modification project. If you're considering taking on a project of modifying a muscle car, chances are you have a deep, passionate interest in the success of such an endeavor. In fact, most muscle car owners [...]

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What Muscle Car Matches Your Personality?

You have one. We all do. So do your favorite muscle cars. But which muscle car personality is a close fit to yours?Are you shy, reserved, consider yourself willing and able to get from point A to point B in whatever fashion might be the least intrusive?Are you quiet and unwilling to make a scene, [...]

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Muscle Cars Named After Places and Cities

One this is for certain: the muscle car has had many influences. Of course, muscle cars have influenced products we buy, songs we listen to and the Mopar T shirts we wear. One that has always been a part of the mystique is the names and the places that those names bring to mind. Michigan Michigan [...]

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Products that Look Like Muscle Cars

The muscle car era has spawned many interesting innovations, trends and fads.  One of those includes modeling products after these beloved cars.Furniture One of the more unusual has been in the area of furniture.  Creative minds have come up with a variety of adaptations for couches that use many of the design elements of the [...]

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Memorable Muscle Car Engines

It's really amazing how identifiable so many engines from the muscle car era have remained throughout the years.  Whether it is through your own experience with cars, you wear the Mustang apparel because it looks cool or via pop culture as in the song by the Beach Boys My 409, engines are inextricably woven into [...]

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Road Trip Ideas: Famous Drives to Take Your Muscle Car On

Whether your muscle car is a daily driver or your "fun" car that you just like to cruise around in on nice days, going for a long drive or a road trip in a muscle car can be a lot of fun.  Retracing famous routes or stretches of highway can make for a great trip [...]

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Interesting Muscle Car Facts

Muscle cars are described by many as the “perfect” automobile and are often named as favorite vehicles.  They are valuable, they are collector’s items and they are good looking.  People wear Mopar apparel, buy products designed after the vehicles and keep them in garages as their prized possessions.  But muscle cars are also very interesting [...]

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Drive-Ins, Motor Inns, and Other Places to Take Your Muscle Car

America's history is indelibly intertwined with cars.  Even before the muscle car craze of the 1960s, America was in love with cars: the roar of the engine, the freedom they represented.  How we travel, where we eat, what we do for entertainment—all of these things have been affected by our love affair with the automobile. [...]

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